Master Thesis Students for the Topic: Radio Resource Selection for Aperiodic Traffic Applications in NR V2X Communication Sonstiges

For the Broadband & Broadcast department in Erlangen, the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS is currently seeking

Master Thesis Students for the Topic: Radio Resource Selection for Aperiodic Traffic Applications in NR V2X Communication

The topic is also suitable for student projects, e.g. »Forschungspraktikum«, »Industrial Design Project« or similar. The thesis/internship/project can also be processed within a student team.

The Broadband & Broadcast (BB) department is active in the areas of mobile communications, satellite communications, Internet-of-Things and automotive communication systems. We take new concepts and algorithms from theory, implement them and test them in simulations and in prototypes in our labs and in the field. For instance, we operate a LTE-Advanced testbed network, which we use to check the interoperability of our prototypes with the LTE standard. In short, the BB department establishes a bridge between communication theory and its employment in practice.


The aperiodic traffic messages in vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, e.g. event-driven, are transmitted to respond to specific hazardous situations, such as a sudden hard braking vehicle from other neighboring vehicles, a presence of emergency vehicles, or chain-reaction prevention. One of key challenges is to allocate time/frequency resources among different vehicle user equipment (VUE) while satisfying reliability and latency constraints required by the aforementioned applications.

One way is that a VUE selects time/frequency resource(s) without the participation of gNB, i.e. Mode-2 resource allocation. However, in Mode-2, new resource allocation algorithms need to be devised to avoid collision arising from concurrent transmission on the same time/frequency resource(s).

This study aims at developing an appropriate autonomous radio resource selection algorithm for aperiodic traffic applications in 5G New Radio (NR) based V2X communications.

Your responsibilities:

  • Review on the related 3GPP technical specifications and reports
  • Literature review on radio resource allocation algorithms in vehicular communications
  • Develop a novel radio resources allocation algorithm
  • Enhance the available system level simulator in compliance with 3GPP specifications

Your profile: You have…

  • very good knowledge of object-oriented programing in MATLAB (mandatory)
  • very good knowledge of wireless communications; preferably LTE, NR, and V2X

What you can expect from us

  • An open and cooperative working environment
  • Collaboration in interesting and innovative projects
  • Many opportunities to gain practical experience

The duration for the thesis should be at least 6 months and it can be started from now on.

The topic will be assigned and carried out in accordance with the rules of your university. For this reason, please discuss the topic with a professor who can advise you over the course of the project.


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Applications are possible in German and English. Please include a cover letter, your CV and your latest transcripts of records (as PDF) and quote ID number 46082. Address your application to Nina Wörlein.

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